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HSD café on private funding

posted 26 Mar 2015, 03:29 by Jan Wind   [ updated 7 Apr 2015, 03:08 ]
WISER Consultancy presented during the HSD Café of The Hague Security Delta on Thursday 02 April 2015. 
Topic was Private Funding Opportunities: Investors, Bank Credit and Crowd Funding. 

In previous Café’s, financial collaboration between the private and public sector with respect to funding of security companies, innovations and projects was mainly focused on government subsidization. This Café was dedicated to exploring the alternatives to government financing, such as crowd funding, private equity and credit and expanded upon its advantages and disadvantages. Financing from the private sector is often regarded as more flexible with regards to the needs of businesses and more willing to invest in experimental and innovative projects. However, many companies in the security sector are unaware of the variety of funding and which type of private finance is most advantageous to their goals. 

What are the most significant implications for business that apply for credit or equity? Under which conditions are these funding types most appropriate, and how could this type of funding be utilised for your company to be founded, to develop and sell products and to grow and expand beyond the initial stages? These matters were discussed by a panel of experts from the private finance industry. An overview of the various private funding instruments relative to the maturity of the company and business risk was provided. Each instrument and opportunity to obtain this type of funding was introduced briefly. 

Download the Powerpoint presentations below or contact us for more information.