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Call for proposals 2014-2

posted 6 Nov 2014, 03:20 by Jan Wind   [ updated 25 Nov 2014, 05:49 ]

Defence and security technology and/or capability development

1. Introduction 
Declining government budgets in defence have caused an unparalleled austerity in government expenditures on technology and capability development for defence purposes in almost all European nations. Military requirements are not met to an acceptable level and international cooperation in the sector often causes more complexity than solutions. Also dual use technology and capability development for security applications are affected.

2. Call for proposals
WISER Consultancy invites companies and consortia to propose defence and security technology and capability development projects for alternative funding by private investors, banks and other funding sources.

The call is based on the Funding & Investment Plan available on our downloads page and has the main characteristics listed below. These characteristics prevail above the general information presented in the Funding & Investment Plan.
  • Defence or security technology or capability development
  • Primary use for government or professional purposes
  • Strong potential for use in other markets (dual use)
  • Technology areas for example: 
    • ICT (CYBER defence, serious gaming, training, etc.)
    • Sustainable energy or energy reduction
    • Radar or other sensor technologies
    • High tech materials
    • CBRN ( e.g. with dual use options in life sciences)
  • Total project value between € 500k and € 5 M
  • Project duration maximum 4 years
  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) level 5 or higher.
  • Adhere to our Code of Conduct against controversial weapons and weapons trade
  • Netherlands company or at least 25% Netherlands based consortium
  • Other consortium companies (if any) European owned and located 
  • Proposal language English (preferred) or Dutch
  • Intended funding profile: 1/3rd private investor, 1/3rd consortium and 1/3rd debt,subsidy or other funds
  • Closing date 31 january 2015
3. Procedure
The procedure commences by submitting a two page outline description describing the main characteristics and intentions of the proposal using the template available on our downloads page. Upload your completed form here, or email the form to
Within 4 weeks after submission we will assess your outline proposal and discuss funding opportunities with you as described in paragraph 5 of the Funding & Investment Plan.
Dependent on the complexity of your proposal funding agreements may be completed in 3 - 6 months.

4. Costs
Basic services for this call are 2% of the total project value and may be charged partially on a success oriented base. Details can be found in paragraph 6 of the Funding & Investment Plan.

5. Disclaimer
See paragraph 8 of the Funding & Investment Plan.

6. More information
Please visit our downloads page or contact us here