Legal support

WISER Consultancy offers legal support in proposal preparation, evaluation, contract negations and conflict mediation

Our team will assist you on issues related to:
  • Contract law
    • Requests for tender and proposal evaluation,
    • Submission of proposals
    • Contracts development and contract management,
    • Contract negotiations and conflict mediation
    • Development of General Terms and Conditions
  • Financial law
    • European and Dutch financial rules and regulations
  • Corporate law
    • Design of corporate structures
    • Development of legal entities (BV, Stichting, etc.)
    • Intellectual Property Right (IPR) issues
  • and many other legal matters that need to be resolved for your company

For this purpose we have:

  • Extensive experience in the Defence and Security sector
  • In depth knowledge of:
    • Contract and Corporate law
    • Investment and finance
    • Business strategy
    • Defence and security technology
    • National and European defence and security policies
  • A practical and hands-on attitude
  • Only solutions tailored to specific needs
  • A very broad network in the Defence and Security sector

In all cases we will use the combined legal, technical, financial and management knowledge and many years of experience of our team to find effective solutions for you.

For more information please contact us as indicated on the 
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legal support available when needed