The I-Game© concept

What is your game?
Are you looking for a real challenge to apply your scientific knowledge?
Or are you in search of a smart solution for a really tough problem?

If innovation is the game for you then the I-Game may provide just the right method to tackle pressing problems or to get your knowledge applied quickly and effectively. The I-Game provides a creative ambiance where knowledge will meet demands for new and surprising solutions.

In the course of two or three inspiring days between 50 to 150 people with complementary backgrounds in science, industry and society will join forces to develop novel, feasible and responsible solutions for recognized social, economic and technical challenges. To maintain momentum the best concepts are awarded a contract immediately at the end of the game.

The I-Game is based on a proven concept. For over 30 years Shell utilised a similar concept, called Game Changer, with important commercial success. More recently the Netherlands Ministry of Defence also adopted this approach and is now building up a tradition of Innovation-Games in the Netherlands.

The I-Game is played in two major iterations. The participants initially form teams of about 10 to 15 people. Each team is assigned with a different, carefully selected and well prepared challenge. In a first iteration the participants quickly flesh out their problem, consider alternative solutions, investigate what knowledge is required and explore opportunities for the industry. After each team has presented a couple of initial ideas in a plenary session, two ideas per team are selected for further elaboration.

In the second iteration renewed teams are challenged to turn the ideas into clear proposals for innovative solutions that make use of scientific knowledge, support economic development and recognize societal concerns. From these proposals a high ranking jury of experts then selects one or more of the best ones. Ensuing projects can commence immediately: contracts are signed on the spot. Exactly this feature of the I-Game ensures that participants take the game very seriously and develop proposals that deserve implementation. The I-Game is much more than just a workshop to exchange ideas and share knowledge: it is an instrument where multiple stakeholders can organize themselves to tackle real world problems with innovative solutions.

The I-game creates an excellent opportunity to articulate needs and to discover feasible new concepts. It also strengthens the ties between participants with different backgrounds and concerns. By allowing all participants to expand and strengthen their networks in team activities the I-Game will often turn out to be the starting point for further cooperation. Even for those who did not win.

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