Knowledge management

WISER Consultancy offers support to create communities of interest, develop technology roadmaps and organise innovation games

Improve your innovative power. Share ideas with others efficiently. Coordinate innovation without strangling bureaucracy.
These projects will help you to do just that and more in a complex environment, where science, business and policy need to be integrated.

Developing communities
 of interest

I-Game ©
The Innovation Game or I-Game© is a serious management game using creativity enhancement techniques to accelerate information exchange between scientists, industry and users of advanced technology. Goal is to solve complex user problems with advanced technology within hours, comparable to years needed under normal conditions. The I-Game© is a very intense and interactive activity for 50 - 150 individuals, usually in a two or three day setting.
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Knowledge Networks
Knowledge networks are non-hierarchical networks of people, who are connected by shared knowledge of a particular science or an area of business. They may be internal to an organization or work externally in a partner, supplier or customer organization.
The shared knowledge is needed by each or the organizations these people represent, but can be developed and used much more effectively by structured sharing and information exchange.
New plans can be developed and introduced easier, projects managed more effectively and feedback on particular issues is more knowledgeable.
Download the article on Knowledge Networks by Jan Wind at the bottom of this page (in Dutch)

Smart Roadmaps
Roadmapping is a popular method for intelligent forecasting of developments. Usually technology roadmaps however lack information on future product markets, societal needs and sources of financing. Particularly in imperfect markets these influences should be taken into account.
During a number of years Jan Wind has been working in the MoD to develop a layered roadmapping methodology that explicitly introduces and maintains links between science, (potential) future needs and practical implementation. Based on these connections technology development can be controlled more effectively. 

An outline of this smart roadmapping system is described in the article on Knowledge Networks (in Dutch) on page 554-556 (download the article below).

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Knowledge Networks in the Military Spectator magazine. In Dutch: Artikel over het inrichten van kennisnetwerken en maken van roadmaps in een complexe omgeving met de overheid, kennisinstituten en bedrijfsleven.  423k v. 3 14 Jul 2012, 07:03 Jan Wind