Funding & Investment

WISER Consultancy offers independent support to obtain funding from non-government sources for technology and capability development.

Government budgets in defence are still not sufficient to spend reasonable amounts on technology and capability development. Even less so is the case for replacement of outdated capabilities and procurement of increased quantities of major combat systems.
Military requirements are not met to an acceptable level and international cooperation in the sector often causes more complexity than solutions. Development for dual use and spin-off to other sectors in the economy is usually not considered by MoDs. 

Technology and capabilities however do not grow spontaneously. 
Routes to private funding of defence technology and capability development have been described by our founder Jan Wind in his article "Innovative Funding for Defence". The article explains how profitable opportunities can be found in dual use products and export of sub-systems. Technical, financial and market risks can be mitigated using existing instruments. 

WISER Consultancy supports industry and governments to obtain funding from investors, banks and/or other non-government sources. As independent organisation we work with several banks and investors to obtain private funding of projects and companies, and we are in close contact with government organisations like the European Defence Agency, Ministries of Defence and Economic Affairs. 

In all cases we will use our combined legal, technical, financial and management knowledge and many years of experience to find effective solutions for you.

For more information please contact us as indicated on the contact page.

Are you an investor

Please contact us if you are interested to invest in defence and security technology. 
Email or call +31 6 23502003. 

Opportunities range from small loans through crowd funding up to equity participations of several million euro. 
We only work with investment companies based in Europe operating under the laws of a European Union member state.

Calls for proposals

Currently no calls are active.

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 Funding wherever required and effective                      Photo: KVBK / NL MoD