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Login help

Autorisation for login and data security is handled by Google "APPS for work".
Login as required using your username and password. Your password is case sensitive.

More help:
A message: "You need permission to access this item" is displayed
Follow the link: Choose a different account below this message.
or click open the dialogue box on the top tight. You may now select or add another account to your PC.

If you use other Google APPS or Gmail accounts on your computer
You will need to "sign in as a different user", "Login to another account", "Sign out", or "Switch to another account"
and login using one of the methods above once your login dialogue box appears.

Still unable to get access?
Email info@wisernl.com for help

Are you using the WISER Consultancy extranet often and in conjunction with other Google accounts?
Consider using another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) for the extranet. You need to login just once and don't need to switch accounts.

An even more effective solution is to use the multiple sessions feature of Firefox:
- Make a copy of the firefox shortcut on you desktop. Rename this shortcut into WISER
- Open the shortcut using the right mouse button and paste this line in the target box: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P WISER -no-remote
- Now start firefox using this shortcut. You will automatically access the Firefox profile manager.
- Push the create profile button in the profile manager and create a profile called WISER and push the Start Firefox button.
- In Firefox open the options dialogue and make www.wisernl.com your startup page.
- If you now move to the extranet you will need to login just once. Firefox will remember you login.
- From now on you will get access to the WISER extranet as soon as you start Firefox using the WISER shortcut