Official Title
WISER BV was established in Leiden, the Netherlands on 30 March 2009.
The company is operating under the name: WISER Consultancy

Contact information
    WISER B.V.
    The Netherlands
    P: +31 71 711 3973
    F: +31 84 832 5373
    E: info@wisernl.com

Official registration
WISER BV is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Den Haag, The Netherlands. KvK number: 27335217

Tax registration
Netherlands VAT (BTW) number: NL 8203.59.993.B01

Bank account
IBAN: NL43ABNA 0613115252 

Code of conduct on controversial weapons and weapons trade
WISER Consultancy pursues to contribute to a peaceful and safer world. 
To reach this goal defensive arms and armed forces are still needed, but not weapons that do not discriminate between military and civilian targets and may cause disproportional humanitarian damage. We take our corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously and use this code of conduct.

Code on Business Conduct and Ethics 
WISER Consultancy is committed to integrity and reducing all forms of corruption and unethical behavior. High ethical standards are critical to building and maintaining trust in the activities of the company. The policies on ethics and business conduct are laid down in this code of conduct.

General Terms and Conditions
For all contracts General Terms and Conditions of WISER BV are applicable. 
Seperate versions exist for contracts in the Netherlands (in the Dutch language) and for contracts abroad (in English).
Download the most recent editions below. 
Photo: KVBK / NL MoD     
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Algemene voorwaarden van WISER BV geldig voor opdrachten in Nederland. Versie 2013NL1 van kracht sinds 1 februari 2013   108k v. 2 19 Dec 2013, 00:57 Jan Wind
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English language Terms and Conditions. Valid since 14 September 2009 for all contracts, except in the Netherlands    141k v. 2 19 Dec 2013, 00:57 Jan Wind